April 17, 2014

Busy Spring

Hello all!
This is turning into a busy spring.  I know vacations have put a dent in my normal stocking schedules that past few months, and as of this moment, I do not have a concrete calendar in mind.  I am working on several customs right now and will open more in the beginning of May if I do not get an "in-stock" stocking prepared soon.

Besides being out of town, I am simply running low on free time.  I used to enjoy 2 "days off" during the week while DD2 was in preschool.  (Funny how a mama can call a child-free 2-hour window a DAY OFF!)  We have found DD1's kindergarten experience to be less stimulating than we'd like, so I decided to use that time in her classroom helping her reading group.  DD really appreciates that, so I know it is a great use of my time.
As it stands, I have 2 more of those precious "days off" through the end of the school year.
On top of that, with girl scouts, 2 PTOs, and other school committee meetings, nights are becoming limited, too.

So, I apologize for the lull, but will do my best to keep production rolling.  Now that Spring weather has finally arrived, I look forward to more outdoor dyeing.  Not only is it easier to clean up, but warm temperatures improve dyeing results!

Enjoy the season!