June 9, 2015

Shop Closed June 11-24, 2015

I will be unable to ship items during June 11-24, so I will put a "closed" notice on the Hyena Cart Shop.  After that, you can come back to pick out some summer BICALS for your littles!

May 1, 2015


This year I am stepping away from the sewing machine for the most part.  I am plenty busy with family life and have been enjoying a lot of volunteer time in my girls' classrooms.   Including a stint teaching 30 preschoolers how to sew aprons with the machine!

My apologies for any delays in returning messages.  If you do have a request, you can run it by me and if I have the fabric and time available, I may work on some orders.

The only thing listed in the shop now are some BICAL shoes which are a great price ($6) and super for summer play.  Sizes, styles and quantities are limited.  They will ship within 48 hours unless I post a vacation notice at the shop.

Thank you all for giving me a creative outlet over the past several years.  I look forward to creating new things in the future.